- The Space Waffles -

I want to share a little bit of a story behind this piece.
Couple of years back when I was still at The Ranch working on The Clone Wars, one day I was looking at my task list for that week. Among all the spaceships and cool characters, I found that one day I was assigned task: "Waffles". With curiosity, I walked over to Kilian who was the design lead at the time and asked " Is that a bounty hunter or Jedi named Waffles?" ( and yes, that wasn't out of the question working in SW universe, trust me) Kilian looked up and said "Nope, that's an actual waffle" I said "Oh" and walked back to my desk.

The funny thing is I went to work like I always do with any other epic assignment. I thought about how I want it visually to look obviously "sci-fi"...the triangular VS hexagonal shapes I decided to use, it was the simplest visual solution. There's almost an Occam's Razor approach to it. Not to mention that I enjoyed painting it. Without irony, It turned out to be one of the more satisfying assignments I did on that project.
Whenever I was asked by friends and aspiring artists, how do I deal with a non "bad-ass" assignment. I told them about The Waffles. How I tried to look past the flesh and title and see everything as a problem that needs solution...it is not easy. ( coming from Architecture School, that's a thought we were hammered with) As well as how important it is to approach it with the same enthusiasm as the hero designs. Because if you can't design well with a box, a plate or a waffle, how can you deal with a more complex design problem. I refer back to this piece often.
Here. Have some Space Waffles with some Space Jam. Enjoy.

Pat presley waffles